floral oilcloth is a type of waterproof cloth that can be used wherever the cloth may come in water. Since it is waterproof, you do not have to worry about wetting whatever it is that the cloth is protecting. It can be used as a kitchen table cloth, so that you can place it on the dining table. This way you can wash off the table cloth if anything is dropped on it, or it is smeared, without any problem. Also, if you drop water on the table cloth, you can easily wipe it off. 

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Floral oilcloth is even more enticing proposition, because it has designs of flowers on it. This makes it more attractive as a table cloth and for any other type of use. Floral designs are known to look very good in almost any type of environment, so you just have to choose the right color to find the design that matches your home interior. Since flowers are available in almost all colors, floral designs are also available in almost all colors. You can easily find floral designs in blue, pink, green, red, mauve and almost all colors you can imagine. Also, since floral designs are available in combinations of colors, you can easily find designs that are in combinations of different colors. They could be red and pink, or green and blue, or some other two or more colors in combination with each other.

Floral oilcloth is also a good option if you want some waterproof clothing. It can be used to make a sort of rain coat, that can be worn in the rain. This is also a good option, specially for kids. Floral colors will obviously look good on kids, because they are colorful. And you can give the kids the rain clothes to wear when they go out. So that they are protected from rain, and water when playing outside. The cloth is also protected from stains because of its waterproof nature. This way you are assured that their main clothes are protected as they play outside. You can easily create a rain cloth out of floral oilcloth using a sewing machine. It does not have to be very complicated a simple design will do and soon you will have a rain coat that can be worn by the kids in the rain. It will look good, as well as protect them from water and rain.